Behind the Scenes: Things You Didn’t Know About “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”

Because Hollywood is constantly looking for a good love story, whispers about a probable romantic involvement amongst a film’s main cast spread like wildfire. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, without a doubt, were the beginning of what the media would later refer to as Brangelina – one of Hollywood’s iconic power couples.

A movie is only as large as its box office success, in the perspective of observers. However, the plot, production, location shooting, and cast of the film impact its success. Don’t get me wrong: Mr. & Mrs. Smith was also a box office hit, grossing $487.3 million on a $110 million budget.

We’re more interested in the behind-the-scenes happenings that made this film one of the most talked about in 2005. So, here are some little-known or unknown facts about Mr. & Mrs. Smith from 2005.

From MFA Thesis to Movie Script

Simon Kinberg is listed as the film’s creator, but few knew he began the material as part of his MFA proposal. Kinberg admits that he began writing the scenario for the film while studying for an Expert in Expressive Arts degree at Columbia College.

Kinberg would go on to write, produce, or direct some of Hollywood’s most successful films, including the X-Men franchise, Jumper, Sherlock Holmes, Fantastic Four, and The 355.

Kinberg claims that the inspiration for the content came from actual marriage mentoring. He had learned about a section of his friend’s marital coaching seminars, which appeared to be pushy and damaging.

A Movie with Countless Endings

When film receives the amount of behind-the scenes hype that Mr. Mrs. Smith did at the time, it’s only natural to seek proper finish. 
For the film’s director, Doug Liman, this required coming up with almost 40 different endings.
Despite the fact that there was nothing wrong with Kinberg’s distinctive close, Liman needed to look at other options. To that purpose, he enlisted the help of few academics, including Carrie Fisher, to produce other endings.

An Impossible Sequel Script

When a film achieves great success, it is generally followed by a spin-off. As a result, when film lovers and Brangelina fans wanted to see them in person, arrangements were made to make it happen.

The primary blunder was that even the well-known actors were not convinced on the new plot. Angelina Jolie admitted in a meeting that the prospective plots for a sequel that she had seen were not uncommon to stand out. Who could find fault? For a film that considered 40+ endings, finding anything suitable for a full feature spin-off is almost impossible. Perhaps in another life, perhaps.

A Paparazzi Problem

The paparazzi are an annoyance to the majority of Hollywood celebrities and top-tier stars. As a result, when gossipy nuggets of on-set emotion began to circulate, hordes of paparazzi flocked to the set. However, for the bulk of the celebs on set, namely Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, it was a chill Monday.

It was a huge concern for decision-makers and leaders. One of the film’s producers, Akiva Goldsman, once stated that the paparazzi issue was so prevalent that journalists were frequently captured on video. To properly manufacture the completed product, conscious efforts must be made to eradicate them.

Jolie’s Window Jump Stunt

Few artists are Tom Voyage or Jackie Chan, but every now and again, a few entertainers like doing their skills. It kind of adds to the film’s adventure. As a result, anytime an open door presented itself in the picture for Jolie to leap through the window in style, she hopped on it.

Pulling off a jump feat is no easy task, especially for a seasoned stand-in. When Jolie attempted to pull the prank for the first time, her words didn’t exactly go as planned. When she completed the principal hop, her jacket flew off before she realized she wasn’t wearing pants. Oh no!

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A Strange Hobby

Famous performers resemble average individuals with intriguing secondary interests. An interest in horseback riding, golf, or using excessive amounts of energy at the gym. Angelina Jolie has a secondary interest in blades. Having a fantastic assortment as well as discarding them.

That’s a lot of actresses to play Mrs. Smith in the film. She admits to buying more than usual on her tour to Cambodia and has a room in her UK house dedicated to her blade collection. While the film has grown well over the last 15 years, her blade flinging abilities have not. Keep yourself safe out there!