Netflix’s The Watcher: Who Is the Watcher? [Theories]

The Watcher is a Netflix true-crime series created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. It is based on author Reeves Weideman’s piece from New York Magazine’s The Cut and depicts the actual tale of a family that gets a series of alarming letters after moving into their dream house in Westfield, New Jersey. Dean (Bobby Cannavale) and Nora Brannock (Naomi Watts) have spent most of their lives in the city. Dean spends virtually all of their resources to buy 657 Boulevard, a gorgeous mansion erected in the early part of the twentieth century, in quest of a peaceful and less chaotic existence. However, soon after, they begin getting these unnerving letters from someone identifying themselves as the Watcher.
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Who is the Watcher?

The identity of the Watcher is the most often asked question in the program. In each episode, one or more individuals are scrutinized, and the likelihood of their being the perpetrator is weighed against little and sometimes contradictory evidence. However, towards the conclusion of the season, we are still waiting for a response. As previously stated, ‘The Watcher’ is based on a genuine story, however much artistic license is utilized. Perhaps this is why Murphy and his crew avoided using the true names of the family pursued by the Watcher. In the Netflix series, Derek and Maria Broaddus play Dean and Nora Brannock. However, several aspects of the program are remarkably comparable to reality, the most crucial of which being that the identity of the Watcher remains a mystery in the real world as well.

Although the episode concludes without offering a conclusive answer to the most significant issue it addresses, it does present a number of suspicions. For example, the Brannocks had two sets of immediate neighbors. Mo and Mitch own a home that shares a boundary with 657 Boulevard. They appear to die in a murder-suicide in episode 2, but they later return to Westfield, where it is revealed that their son, Christopher, murdered two elderly persons with the same body types as his parents to obtain insurance money while Mo and Mitch were on vacation in Florida. Pearl and her brother Jasper are also present. They are clearly concealing a major secret, but just a portion of it is revealed.

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At one point, Nora assumes Dean is the one writing the letters, and Theodora, the private investigator they hired, agrees, however, the hypotheses are eventually revealed to be partially incorrect. Dean does not send the first two letters and is late with the third. He really needs to sell the house in order to prevent a second bankruptcy. Karen Calhoun, the realtor, is another suspect, and she has legitimate reasons for wanting the Brannocks gone. Karen desires the home and goes to great measures to obtain it, but she is not the Watcher. Her pet dog is slain on her first night at 657 Boulevard, and she witnesses someone emerge from the trap door on the stairs. She flees from the house immediately and puts it up for sale.

Roger Kaplan, a local architecture enthusiast, and English teacher have the highest chance of being the Watcher, according to Theodora. But, in the end, he appears to be a victim of speculation. Theodora herself is another matter entirely. She accepts the role of the Watcher on her deathbed as a fatal cancer sufferer. However, it is eventually shown to be a lie, told to stop Dean’s descent into self-destruction as a result of his fixation with the unresolved mystery.

That left John Graff and his family, who resided at 657 Boulevard until 1995. According to Theodora, John also received letters before murdering his entire family and disappearing. The individual who presented themselves as William Webster and John Graff is the same person. It is strongly hinted that he is the person who lives in the tunnels discovered by the renovators at 657 Boulevard. Pearl and Jasper are aware of him and have been concealing him in the tunnels for years. He is most likely the person Karen sees in her home and the person who sends the majority of the letters to the Watcher allies. He is not the first Watcher. Those letters were sent to him by someone else. But, like many people, he has gotten infatuated with the property.

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Dean’s conduct at the end of the story is a major component of the narrative that supports this viewpoint. Despite his own happy ending, he hasn’t given up on the mansion and the mysteries that surround it. He introduces himself as John to the new proprietors, exactly as John Graff has done when they first met. Like Dean before him, John has undoubtedly not been able to let up and has continued to harass the Brannock family in the same way, possibly even hoping for a similar conclusion.